KMart - Nintendo Wii specials

11 November 2007

- $69 Mario Party 8 or Zelda: Twilight Princess plus with either title get a bonus Wii Nunchuck (RRP for nunchuck is $29)
- $64.95 - Wii Play + Wii Remote

2 for $86 specials
Must choose two of the below and get the titles for equivalent of $43 each...
- Ninjabread Man
- Spiderman 3
- Need for Speed Carbon
- Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
- Rayman Raving Rabbids
- Billy The Wizard Rocket Broomstick Racing
- Happy Feet
- Disney Pixar's Cars
- GT Pro Racing
- Rock'N'Roll Adventures

$69.95 Crash Bandicoot: Crash of the Titans
$79 Tomb Raider: Anniversary


  • Emma EDITOR
    Thanks for sharing hellwolf. There are a few decent titles in the 2 for $86... my nephews would like Happy Feet and Rayman :D
  • nod
    Hot vote here :)
  • elegantegotist
    Hot from me. My brother is looking to buy that Zelda game ! Is a nunchuck a second controller ? We need a second controller.
  • elegantegotist
    Hey whereabouts is this deal in the catalogue ? I can't seem to find it.
  • lilpretzel
    Sorry elegantegotist that was last weeks specials, ended yesterday. :(

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