Kingston 2GB Kit (KTA-MB667K2/2G) $162

21 March 2007

I just upgraded to this chip on my mini. Its $50 cheaper than other stores and a bargain. Thought I would post it. Nothing beats more ram to help out with the crap I run.

Its compatible with the Mac Mini 1.5/1.67 and 1.66/1.83 s

Edited 15/07 as price is down to $162 now.


  • nod
    Thanks for the post Nerdo Always good to know where you can pick up cheap chips I have deleted the other 4 posts that you made... not sure how you did that :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I've edited this deal as the price of this kit has pretty much halved from $336 to $162. Technology obsolescence, cant beat it.

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