Kensington Netbook Starter Kit only $1 plus $7.95 shipping

10 May 2012

This a pretty good deal considering that its originally $14.95!

They say...
Kensington offers a complete collection of accessories that are made just for your netbook. The essentials kit includes a reversible sleeve with protective cushioning for storing and protecting your netbook, a mouse small enough to fit easily in your travel bag when you are on the go and a lock so you can avoid the hassle of packing up your netbook every time you get a refill at a coffee shop.
Kensington Netbook Starter Kit.
Protect your netbook with reversible black and grey neoprene sleeve that fits Netbooks up to 9 inches.
Keep your netbook secure with the slim-line lock that attaches to the Kensington slot.
The compact wired mouse with 2 buttons & scroll wheel is a perfect solution for your netbook's small touchpad

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