JVC DynaPix LCD HDTV (42") @ oo.com.au $2234.60

16 April 2008

What I'd love to see now is a free delivery deal for oo.com.au as the further you are from Sydney the higher it gets. Delivery in Syd is $28 or so while to deliver to Perth is $150. You can also pick up in Syd.

I cant find any reviews on this telly - I suspect its an old(ish) model, but the price at oo.com.au is good. Selling elsewhere for 2838 upwards.

The price of $2234 is after accounting for the 5.4% you get through here but doesnt take into account delivery.

You pay $2349.95 on oo.com.au. Take $115.35 off in cashback and you've got the 2.2k price.

What do you think?

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