JustProjectors - Optoma HD65 DLP High Def Projector + spare lamp + 94inch screen $1550

24 May 2010

720p projector, spare lamp, and 94 inch screen - oldish model, but a quality projector and a pretty decent package for the price. Save $698. Review of the projector is here: http://www.projectorreviews.com/optoma/hd65/index.php Upgrade to 107inch screen for additional $100.

If you want/need full HD on a budget, the Benq W1000 (http://www.projectorreviews.com/benq/w1000/index.php - JustProjectors sell it for $1699 but you can get it cheaper elsewhere) seems a pretty decent deal.


  • ninkasi
    FYI The site ]here has a pretty handy calculator for working out what sort of projector you might need depending on your requirements - distance from screen for projector & viewers, size of screen, amount of light, etc.
  • ninkasi
    An example of a cheaper price ($1545.50) for the BenQ is ]here

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