JJBYPC - 24 in 1 USB 2.0 Card Reader/Writer/Pen Drive, $3.50 - Free Shipping On Orders Over $7

28 August 2009

handy looking little card reader/writers, USB class-compliant, so no drivers required and should work fine on Windows and Mac machines...

quite a few different card reader/writers on their site too, including a 64 in 1 job that reads almost every kind of card under the sun (not SDHCs though!)...


there is a new free shipping code for orders over 7$, valid until 10/9/2009...

see here:



  • stilted
    nice find :)
  • melissanj
    thanks! have picked up two!
  • fishmonkey
    thanks to my inferiority complex i bought the 64-in-1 dooverlacky...
  • melissanj
    wow there must be ALOT of memory cards out there! i can only think of 4 at the top of my head!
  • fishmonkey
    doh, i just received the 64-in-1 thingummy to discover that it doesn't read SDHC cards (which are becoming more and more common)... double-DOH! that'll teach me for doing late night delirious tech purchases! definitely something to watch out for though when you are buying a card reader...
  • stilted
    I almost did the same thing and instead ordered 2 x $3.50 ones -
  • fishmonkey
    haha, wanna swap?
  • fishmonkey
    i asked them if i could exchange the unit i mistakenly bought for one that reads SDHC cards, and they've offered to send me one of these stick ones for free instead, which is very decent of them...

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