JB HiFi - Pioneer VSX519V 5.1 Channel Surround Sound AV Receiver $264.60

11 June 2010

JB currently have 30% off all Pioneer and Sherwood receivers. This is a pretty nice, if entry level, AV receiver. Normal RRP is $599. They normally sell it around the $499 mark, but have it on special for $379. With the 30% discount that makes it $264.60.

Add some speakers and you could have a very nice sounding system. Actually, I have some spare speakers - maybe I should get one of these for the bedroom... ;-)


  • ninkasi
    It would appear that if you buy it in the stores, you also get a pair of headphones. The image below has the pre 30% discount price... http://www.jbhifi.com.au/images/product-catalogue/bonus-images/bonus/receivers/prodj-tdk-headphones.png Pioneer 625 Watt 5.1 Channel AV Receiver - Receivers - JB Hi-Fi Ah.... then again, fine print might be you *also* have to buy something from their DJ Pro range.... whatever that might be!
  • modtang
    I think the amplifier itself has to be part of the DJ Pro range. I don't think you have to buy an additional item. :D
  • ninkasi
    Heh. Whatever the case, I suspect that free is probably about the right price for the headphones.... ;)
  • ninkasi
    Well, went into JB Brighton today and bought one. There was a couple in front of me who were buying one, and there were three boxes left on the floor. So when I left there were two boxes left - and the sales rep said they had seventeen this morning - so had sold 15 in about 4 hours..... He looked at me pleadingly and asked if I needed any hdmi cables.... ;-) I asked about the headphones, but he seemed confused about it and said there was nothing in their current flyer so it was a website special deal. I mentioned that the website actually said "see in store for details" but I was in a hurry to a christening so couldn't be bothered arguing the point. The receiver itself is definitely entry level as far as these things go. Compared to my Yamaha it's very lightweight, and the manual is the size of something that comes with a toaster.... but it definitely does the basics and has some tricks so it's still pretty good value at its RRP - but at $264 it's a bargain!
  • ninkasi
    This deal has been extended until the 20th. Also contacted JB about the headphones (to let them know they might need to update the website if the deal wasn't valid), and they called back to say that the deal was valid, and that a pair of headphones were now waiting for me at the manager's desk.....
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks ninkasi - have unexpired it for you.
  • ninkasi
    FYI The headphones were/are TDK ST-PR400. Ticket price $33 but RRP seems much higher than that. Reviewed ]here. Actually seems better than I thought they might be. Still look fairly cheap, but not a bad bonus. Not sure you'd get them if you bought the receiver online.....
  • ninkasi
    http://cdn.idg.com.au/mim/prodid/4267/vid/0/angleid/8/resid/2 They look better in the photo ;-)
  • ninkasi
    Well, cracked open the case (one of those horrible have to use scissors to cut through the plastic package) and tried them. Actually decent weight to them, comfort not too bad, a bit plasticy of course but seem to be better made than they look at a glance. Sound is definitely heavy - uness you listen only to doof-doof stuff, you'll probably want to tweak up the treble to try to counteract that a bit. But overall, not too bad. Definitely much better out there for the RRP, but for free they are pretty good. ;-)

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