JB Hifi - 10% Off Laptops - Excludes Apple/Macs - Ends 28th April.

22 April 2009

JB is doing another 10% off their range of laptops and some other computer equipment and software.

These sales tend to be pretty good, especially on netbooks, anyone wanting the EeePC 1000H (the netbook I bought during a JB 10% off laptops sale) would be well advised to have a look! (you can even get OfficeWorks to pricematch and beat by 5% for a REALLY excellent deal)

* excludes Apple/Macs


  • nod
    Are they including macs?
  • nod
    Went and took look at the site and they are excluding macs - just added that to the OP If you get Officeworks to price match Spodosaurus you could get great deal for sure

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