JB HI-Fi - Xbox 360 Elite Console & 5 Games - $399

24 March 2010

This is actually a really good price from JB, the 120GB Elite alone at most stores is about $450 (see Game etc) but this bundle deal comes with 5 good games for less!

Games included:

Forza 3
Halo 3 ODST
Lego Batman

& Black wireless controller.


  • blondieo
  • admin EDITOR
    Its a good price overall but am not sold that it works out any better than the ]target one. The only reason to take the jb deal over the target deal would be on the basis that you want bioshock. Problem I have with this is that you can buy bioshock from ]game with free delivery for $22 which technically means you could get the same deal by buying the target pack and bioshock from game, for $2 less.
  • blondieo
    Yeah I don't think it's any better than Target deal, pretty much the same, just posed for the extra option of Bioshock. I'd pay the extra $2 for the bundle so I could get home quicker to play Bio instead of stopping @ two shops! :p :p hehe

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