JB HI-FI - PS3 Slim Console & 1 Game & HDMI Cable - $494 (Until Sunday)

2 September 2009

This is a good price for the new slimline playstation 3 (120GB HD) from JB, the bundle includes a game (the advert shows assassins creed...not sure if this is the only game you can choose) & a HDMI cable, for only $494.

The PS3 slim alone is priced at $488 at Big W, but this doesn't include a game & cable.

Alternatively you can get a PlayStation 3 bundle (includes PS3 Slim console and Batman: Arkham Asylum) for $499 from Dick Smith as the JB HI-FI offer is in store only.


  • stilted
    JB's game choice is ok - but the DSE is superior with Batman ( which is a very cool game )
  • andrewr
    Looks like JB are now only offereing Assasins Creed and the HDMI, NOT a choice of games, I confirmed this with one of their stores :(
  • stilted
    I got to choose from all the Platinum games in stock - At the check out they said only assasins creed (which is a really cool game)- another sales guy on the floor said to choose from any Platinum games- you should be able to negotiate for same priced game.
  • ozdunker
    think i will get one at DSE on Monday unless a better deal comes along. the batman game is a latest release.
  • ozdunker
    ended up ordered through fishpond.com.au for 469.97 less 5.6% cashback, $443.65 free shipping within 24 hours. decided i didnt need the batman game and will buy my own. good little earner for buckscoop too.
  • NoosieB
    Hmm, veeeery tempting. Thanks for letting us know ozdunker. May have to think about Christmas presents now while this deal is going. :)

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