JB HI-FI - 30% Off Car Sound (Amps / Subwoofers / Speakers)

7 August 2009

Until Sunday you can save 30% off in car sound at JB Hi Fi.

I don't know much about car stereo systems to be honest, but I'm sure there would be a few good prices in the sale.


  • melissanj
    remember you can haggle on sale items too! i picked up the sony speakers for $45 down from $58( originally $77) the other day :) .....although i think the guy was feeling a bit generous at the time lol
  • taskel
    Haha, the ol' 'batt your eyelashes' trick!?! :p
  • melissanj
    hehe ummm perhaps my top was a little eerrr revealing lol
  • fishmonkey
    pictures or it didn't happen!
  • melissanj
    hahahaha nice try :p

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