Jazz J8902 2.1 Channel Speaker System $33

18 April 2007

Selling for $88 at some shops

The Jazz J8902 is a truly cool looking speaker system reminiscent of a famous Apple system. The rounded see-through fiber body makes them an object of desire for many as soon as one takes them out of the box and some may not even care for a demo before buying them. The transparent spherical satellites, each fitted with a 2.5" full range driver, and the transparent egg-shaped subwoofer with a 4" driver, are a treat to the eye. These are arguably one of the best looking speakers in the country. The speakers are accompanied with a desktop controller box, which is a central unit for all wire inputs and outputs and speaker controls namely Power, Master volume and Bass. In terms of looks and feel, the controller box doesn't feel like a part of this package. It can be termed as strictly average and nowhere in the same league as the satellites and subwoofer in terms of looks or build quality. The total sound output stands at 20 Watts RMS with the satellites rated at 4 Watts each and the subwoofer at 12 Watts. The system supports an overall frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 KHz.


  • ashley7070
    http://www.shbear.com/2/lib/200506/09/307/j8902.jpg http://www.multe-pass.com/Img/FichesFichier/150690f150690_1.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - very funky system. How comparible are they with sound sticks? That woofer is almost a verbatim rip off and the price is damn cheap.
  • nod
    ooooohhh very very funky If the sound quality is as good as the HKs then I am very very tempted. Speakers like this for under $50 is great and nice and small Great deal Ashley7070 - voted hot :D
  • Emma EDITOR
    They look interesting! :w00t:

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