Jabra BT350 only $59.95 delivered from OO.com.au PLUS 4.15% cashback

20 June 2007

OO are advertising the Jabra BT350 headset for a pretty nice price at the moment and with the free shipping you can have it in your hot little hand for just under 60 bucks, saving yourself about $20.

The good thing I find with Jabra is that they are comfortable. I guess that all depends on the shape of your ears though :)

I have linked a review in the comments
Here are the specs listed at OO.com.au
" * Wireless mobile headset
* Compact design - lightweight and comfortable
* Manage your calls without accessing your mobile phone
* High quality sound
* Answer / end button
* Volume control
* Vibrating call alert
* 7 hours talk time
* Easy charging via PC
* Standby time: 200 Hours
* Easy charging via USB cable from your PC
* Please Note: Talk time and standby is subject to phone and / or network type. Bluetooth enabled phone required for vibrate feature"


  • nod
  • admin EDITOR
    they're supposed to be good earpeices. I sort of wish I'd bought one instead of the crappy sony erriccson one that I did. Its like talking with tin foil on your head to pick up all the radio signals in a 100km radius.

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