It's back, With Selected DELL Systems FREE 22" Widescreen Upgrade & FREE Hard Drive Upgrade

11 May 2007

FREE Monitor Upgrade - Valid until 17/5
FREE Hard Drive Upgrade - Valid until 14/5
FREE Delivery - Not to worry, Usually it's always available

Not as good deal as previously, About $100 across the board more expensive. Hard drive upgrade was not available previously. However a cashback of $100 were applied to selected systems.


  • nod
    Just popped a piccie in if the Dimension E251 - one of the units all the freebies are available on. One of the E251 units you receive the free 22" monitor upgrade, upgrade 160 to 320gb, free 725 printer and free delivery for $1299. One draw back is that you can only get Vista, not Xp on this machine Thanks Vincent. I think you have surpassed yourself today with the number of deals you have posted :D
  • nod
    One quick question though - the link takes you to small business but you have listed the deal under consumer? Which one gives the best deals Vincent?
  • admin EDITOR
    If its dell small business then I think one of the 4 coupons we have should apply (from memory)

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