iPod 8GB Nano MP3 delivered $209 @ Dinosaur Deals

26 August 2008

I have been keeping an eye out on the ipod prices since looking at the refurb deals on Apple.
The refurbs are $189 which is a good price if the item is completely perfect, but here for a few bucks extra you get a brand new one.
You pay $229 but using the Dinosaur deals offer we have at the moment of 10% cashback and free shipping you end up paying $209. Not a massive saving but the cheapest new 8gb nano I can find


  • nod
    The 10% cashback and free shipping offer ends 2nd Sept The PP offer of free shipping alone ends 7th :)
  • nod
    Annoyed I missed the Apple touch on Dinosaur deals too as it worked out to around $420 delivered which is a good price

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