Iomega 250MB USB Zip Drive $134 - save $50 at Office Works - NSW only

11 June 2007

Rummaging thru the clearance bin I found this Iomega 250MB USB zip drive for $134 - cheapest price I can find elsewhere is $189!
Only available in NSW though I am afraid.
Here is the blurb from the site:
" * A)LOW-COST STORAGE. 100MB drive costs less to buy and each disk costs less as well. Stores up to 100MB of data per disk.

* SUITS USB, TOO. The USB (Universal Serial Bus) port drive for easy connection to laptop and newer PCs. Requires Windows 98.

* (B)LARGER CAPACITY. Change the 250MB Zip drive and get more than twice the storage space of a normal 100MB Zip Disk.

* FULL DATA BACKUP. Stores over 120 disks of information. Now you can back up all your data on one disk.

* MORE FLEXIBLE. Choose the type of drive to match your PC. Choose from parallel port or USB."

Sorry can't deep link in Office Works - so click on the deal, go to the clearance section and click on 50% off Tech Products


  • hbtoh
    Sorry to be negative, but I must warn potential purchasers that this is archaic technology - it was good in it's day, as now you can buy a 2 gig USB key for under $100 which = 8 of these Zip disks, which you can't probably buy anymore. It's like the floppy disk. Don't get me wrong, I've got one from many years ago, haven't used it for a few years and it's gathering dust somewhere. I think it was pretty big in the late 90s. Cheers and can I say I'm addicted to this site now, checking it far too often for my own good!! HB.
  • nod
    No problem at all Hbtoh and it is not negative. The whole idea of Buckscoop is to give feedback positive or negative. The most important thing is that is it constructive :) And if you don't agree with something I post.. go ahead and say ...
  • Emma EDITOR
    I can honestly say I've never even used a zip disc... went straight from CDrs to my pen drive :)
  • nod
    Shall put it in the not so great deal by nod pile then :D
  • nod
    I did it to keep you all on your toes :o
  • admin EDITOR
    I remember when they first came out - way back. It was pretty neat at the time but that was when they still plugged into serial ports and the only comparison was a floppy. But yea - dinosaurus. :D have you read the description - that first line is confusing me... and there's a reference to win 98 on the second... tempted to vote you up nod on novelty value :) interestingly - iomega still make and sell the 100, 250 and 750 versions. No idea what a new disk costs these days and how that stacks up with physical disks. Ha $84 US for a 12 pack. Lemme see - 3 Gig for $99..... and its not contiguous ...... I;ve got too much time on my hands.

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