Internet through your power point CNC Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge Pair $109.60

12 April 2008

Internet through the power sockets in your home.

The CNC Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge operates on the HomePlug Powerline Specification 1.0 standard, providing up to 85Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring.
Since the home powerlines are the most pervasive medium in households with multiple outlets in everyroom, the CNC-1000 Turbo HomePlug Ethernet Bridge allows multiple home desktops and notebooks to be networked, to share internet connections, printers, files, and play games without any additional wiring.


  • sandgroper
    Here is the products makers pages
  • voteoften
    Hi, thanks for that. Is 85 bps fast?
  • trevorf
    Normal networks are commonly 100mbit, though you'd normally get slightly less than that. Wireless G is 54mbit, though I think you can only get ~30mbit out of them. So 85mbit is pretty fast.
  • voteoften
    thanks trevorf
  • admin EDITOR
    I love this as a concept - makes a lot of sense to develop something that utilises already laid infrastructure and imagine the competition it opens up should anyone start looking at using it on an industrial scale. The bit thats going to kill you here is needing multiple CNC 1000's, although its comparably cheap compared to wiring your house. That and the fact that more development time and money is going into wireless which will eventually make it very fast and cheap as opposed to just cheap and medium fast. Whats happening with the N protocol on wireless trevorf? Is it one of these lame ducks thats just floating around waiting on someone to come out with a better protocol?
  • trevorf
    Wireless N is still in draft 2.0, as far as I know. And, I'm not so sure that any currently available draft N products will be totally compliant with the formalised N standard ... even with a firmware upgrade or something. Current N, at best you may see 100mbit, even though they mention that they can do 5x wireless-g (~250mbit). I'm slightly worried about those powerline stuff overheating and stuff. I think I've heard stories, but maybe i'm dreaming. Personally, think I'll be putting in 3 lan(cat5) outlets in my new house. But will still mainly be using wireless G stuff.
  • sandgroper
    This kit is more of use I think to people living in rented property where they cant put fixed wiring in for networking, or those who live in areas where wifi is hard to use because of interference from other kit or harmonics from badly maintained equipment close by. You also need to be aware its stated as up to 85Mbps so your not 100% going to get those sorts of speeds.

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