Intel QUAD CORE CPU Q6600-GO $195

10 August 2007

Fluidtek have a Saturday sale as they are selling the new Quad Core CPU Q6600-GO for $195 $310 WHEN YOU BUY 2GB OF quality DDR2 800 RAM FOR $155

The chealest ive heard off is for $330 and thats the standard Q6600.

Remember its for tommmorrow only

** Admin: have edited this deal as they've put the price down and reconfigured the chip on offer.

Was $280 with an extra $30 for Go Stepping when sab posted this deal originally.


  • admin EDITOR
    Nice find sab. Thats a good price difference for something thats latest and greatest. I'd love to know how hot these things get. I still get surprised by the operating temp on the core 2 in this laptop. You pick it up off the desk and its on that borderline between burning and plain stinking hot. When I sit with it on my lap I end up sweating on my legs. The geek side of me does love the increments in technology that come out. Its quite incredible how many different ways the chip scientists have come up with to make whats essentially the same process work faster and more efficiently.
  • sab988
    People have overclocked the Q6600 to 4.1 Ghz ( the Q6600 is 2.4Ghz without overclocking). The GO version overclocks even better :D
  • admin EDITOR
    do they still void your warranty when you overclock ? How does it affect the stability of the chip ?
  • admin EDITOR
    they've still got this package up but have dropped the base price of the chip + go stepping (inclusive now) to $195 with the RAM at $155. The offer is still ok for the go stepped chip but the RAM is double what you'd pay elsewhere. It still works out as an ok package though if your having to buy chip and RAM at the same time.
  • doraemon
    the stores service gets 0 out of 10 though.
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - you had problems with them before doreaemon ??

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