If want anything from Kogan Technologies in Jan consider buying a discounted gift card.

23 November 2011

There's a little bit of stuffing around to make this work and you'll want to plan ahead.

Kogan are discounting their gift cards so you can buy a $100 in value for $85, $200 in value for $160 and $300 in value for $225. I cant see whether they are delivered electronically or physically - you'll actually need to check out to know but in either case there is no delivery charge on them. In any case delivery doesnt really matter given that they arent valid until after 25th Dec.

The restrictions on usage:

Its not valid until after the 25th Dec so you'll want to know that your going to spend them at Kogan in the new year. They are however valid until July 2012 so if it all goes wrong you have a while.

Only one can be used per transaction so the greater the value of the purchase over the amount on the card the less the effective discount becomes. If your just over the value on the card the discount isnt bad.

The card can only be used once and if all the credit on it isnt used its forfeit, so ideally if you need a $120 product get the $100 card and make the $20 up with another payment method.

I'm not sure how long this promo will run for. They say the card will be delivered by 12th Dec so I figure its gotta end sometime before that.

So if your organised its worth taking advantage of - if not - dont bother.

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