IBM A51 SFF P4 3.2GHz @ Harris Technology $899

27 December 2006

This is an fantastic price on a bare bones box. Hard drive is a little on the small side but they're cheap and easy to replace. No monitor and Harris list it as missing 'vendor software' although it comes with XP Pro installed. Nearest price we can find is $1500 for same monitorless unit but with 160 gb hard drive.

Harris do 1.25% cashback. If you want to read how our cashback works have a look at

FORM FACTOR: Small Form Factor
PROC: Intel P4- 540-3.20GHz(Hyper-Threading Tech);800MHz FSB; 1MB L2 Cache
MEMORY: 512MB 400MHz DDR SDRAM Upg to 2GB; 1 free DIMM
GRAPHICS Intel 915GV Express
OPTICAL DEVICES: 3.5" 1.44MB FDD; DVD Recordable (16X Max DVD Speed)
AUDIO: 1 (Internal Mono Speaker)
NETWORK: Integrated Gigabit Ethernet
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
PORTS: 2 Serial; 1 Parallel; External Microphone / Line in (back),
Headphone / Line out (back), Headphone/line out (front), RJ-45,
Keyboard (PS/2), Mouse (PS/2), 8 USB 2.0 (2 front, 6 back),
External Display (VGA), External Microphone / Line in (front)
INPUT DEVICES: IBM Preferred Pro Full size; IBM USB Optical Wheel Mouse
SLOTS X BAYS TOTAL: (free) 2(2) x 3(0); (available): 2(2) x 3(0)
SECURITY CHIP: IBM Embedded Security Subsystem 2.0

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