iBlock Stereo Speaker - 19% Off - If you like it, it gets cheaper

22 March 2012

Basically every time someone likes the product the price drops. More likes the cheaper it gets.

Pretty cool speaker - from the description:

The Homemade iBlock Stereo Speaker is a stereo dock for your iPod or iPhone . Shaped like a giant lego brick, The iBlock Stereo Dock is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and all iPods, as well as most MP3 players via the included 3.5mm stereo jack.
Starting at 19% Off - every time someone likes the product the prices drops even more.


  • nod
    mmmm not sure about this deal. So what do you pay? The price you liked or the final price? And there must be a lowest price no? SO why no just sell it for that? Confused Have you bought from this mob before Landonkahn or are you associated with the site?
  • nod
    Right I get it now, after a bit more reading. Kinda smart really. If you want it you will refer it to your friends to drop the price. Nice and viral :D

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