Hyundai DVD Recorder with 160GB Hard Drive - HDD (Dual Mode) - $289.95

12 April 2007

Seems to be a reasonable price for a 160GB DVD recorder - less than 300 bucks!! You can collect this item @ the Sydney store for no extra charge, otherwise the postage rate varies across Australia.

This entertainment system features incredible recording quality and high capacity in a easy-to-use unit. Unlike VCRs which are primarily used for recording and playback of TV programs, DVD recorders feature many more functions. This Hyundai DVD Recorder's hard drive has 160GB of memory with up to 210 hours of recording; built-in TV tuner; USB connection; and is fully compatible with MPEG 4, DVD, DVCD, CD, CD-G, CD-/+R/RW,MP3, DVD-/+R/RW systems, to name a few features. For the home entertainment buff this is digital heaven, with crisp clear images that are second to none.

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  • Emma EDITOR
    [SIZE=3]Features[/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Hard drive 160GB of memory up to 210 hours of recording [*]Record external signal on HDD, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW [*]Built-in TV tuner. Record from DVD discs, TV or other sources to discs. Recording cable TV programs or video & audio from an antenna or AV in. [*]Enjoy Dolby Digital surround sound by connecting the unit to Dolby or DTS compatible amplifier/receiver. [*]DV-Link function (DV-1394) [*]Four different kinds of the recording mode: high quality, standard play, extend play, standard long play [*]USB connection [*]Zooming-in function [*]TV aspect selection: 16:9 / 4:3, VFD display [*]8 languages and 32 subtitles [*]Parental lock function. [*]Intelligent software upgrading [*]PAL/NTSC multi-region setup [*]OSD in multi-language [*]Fast search forward / backward [*]Slow / time / programmed / memory / playback [*]Screen saving protection function [*]Super broad power supplies: 110-240V, 50 / 60Hz [*]Super DVD error correction [*]Fully compatible with MPEG 4, DVD,DVCD, CD, CD-G, CD-/+R/RW,MP3, DVD-/+R/RW, Kodak picture CD [*]Audio output: optical and coaxial output, 5.1 channel L/R audio output. [*]Video output: composite video output, S-Video output, YUV output. [*]Dimensions: (H) 5cm x (W) 43cm x (D) 31.5cm [*]Please Note: Contents from the HDD cannot be transferred to a disc.[/LIST][SIZE=3]Audio Features[/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Built-in Dolby digital (AC-3) [*]5.1 channel output [*]192KHz/24bit DAC [*]Coaxial output and optical output[/LIST][SIZE=3]Audio Features[/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Progressive scan [*]MPEG-2 video compacting technology [*]Y / U / V color difference output [*]10-bit video D/A converter[/LIST][SIZE=3]Video Features[/SIZE] [LIST] [*]Progressive scan [*]MPEG-2 video compacting technology [*]Y / U / V color difference output [*]10-bit video D/A converter[/LIST] ]

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