Hyundai 19" High Definition LCD TV $399.95

31 October 2006

This would be great as a second tv - might buy it for the bedroom - the one I have now does not have a remote. When you are comfy you don't want to have to get up!
Nice and sleek too - does not take up too much room

You can calculate the postage on the site.
And be sure to click thru to get your cashback

I see that these guys also have the same TV with a built in DVD player for $599.99 - that is not a bad price either. I am not too convinced on the combined stuff but if anyone has any other thoughts then let us know


  • nod
    Sorry forgot to mention that these prices are only for 2 days And if you are looking for some CK sunnies - definitely click thru to in the next 2 days :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I've just edited this as the price has come down from $429 to $399. Its still not a bad price for a branded 19" even nearly 8 months after they put it up there on OO. Of course you can still get non branded cheaper if thats what you want.
  • wheadle
    You would pay over $400 for a viewsonic according to shopbot and I figure they are comparable

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