Huntkey surge board (black) $19.95 and $6.95 shipping

4 May 2010

Never seen these this cheap. Good quality and specs.

Shipping for 2 was $10.42

These have been around for a long time (a couple of years that I know of). They seem to have recently been rebranded from Cabac to Huntkey. Or at least theyre the same under the plastic as the Cabac ones (all the specs are the same). If you search for surge boards on Whirlpool these boards are recommended over the usually higher priced and lower speced ones available. One point of difference is that they dont have the attached equipment warranty that a lot have (and wriggle out of apparently). Although I have seen this board sold with one for about $80 in Officeworks.

Specifications (this is all from a box of one I have here):
Full 3-Line surge protection
EMI/RFI noise filter
Double break switch
8 Outlets protection
Tel/Fax/Modem/ADSL line protection
Coax cable line protection (F Type connector)

Rated current: 10 amp
Full maximum current: 144000A
Maximum energy: 3444 Joules
Lightning impulse voltage: 6KV (1.2/50us)
Voltage protection level: 1KV
EMI/RFI noise filter: Frequency range:150Khz - 100Mhz. Attenuation: up to 40 dB


  • lukian
    Assuming it is a rebranded Cabac: - Response time < 1 Nanosecond Therefore it receives my thumbs up as being a useful surge protector. I've been purchasing the Crest boards from Coles for $32. But 6 outlets is irksome to deal with. What's the warranty on this board? The Belkins are worth their price, because when they sacrifice themselves to save your equipment, Belkin have a lifetime warranty and replace the board for free.
  • wfdTamar
    Yes, there are a few brands around that are the same under the skin. All have the same specs. No mention of a warranty on the pack, so must be 1 year, but that would only be for manufacturing defects. Wouldn't cover the surge bits (from surges). Seems odd (but good) that Belkin would replace something for doing it's job. My understanding is there is a bit inside these that wears out as a matter of course - eventually they all need replacing.

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