HP USB Powered Speakers: Buy now for $14! Save $11! (free postage)

18 January 2008

HP USB Powered Speakers [RD628AA]
Buy now for $14!
Save $11!
(RRP: $25)

With their sleek shape, and compact size, HP USB Powered Speakers are designed for easy desktop placement and optimal stereo enjoyment of DVDs, CDs and digital audio. The HP USB Powered Speakers produce a rich high quality sound that provides an excellent stereo speaker solution for business users. The power, volume and tone controls are conveniently located on the front of the right speaker, so you can control the volume without fumbling through your PC software. A green LED on the right speaker tells you immediately if the speakers are powered on. A key component of the HP USB Powered speakers is that the speaker uses one USB port from the connected PC to power the speakers so that no external power adapter is needed. This allows for the same speaker model to be used in different countries or regions.

0.68 kg weight
Tone, power on/off, volume controls
14.9 H x 8.6 W x 9.3 D cm right speaker, 14.9 H x 8.6 W x 8.8 D cm left speaker
Power LED on front of right speaker (green)
FO to 15 kHz frequency response
Environmental temperature 0° to 55° C
90% to 95% relative humidity
Input cord: 2150mm±35mm
L-channel cord: 2000mm±35mm
USB cord: 2150mm±35mm

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me Jezzamine.. thanks for the deal Cheapest I can find these for is $24 so good price here especially when you don't need to pay shipping

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