HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L - $111.99 US + Shipping - Cheapest Ideas Anyone?

2 April 2012

)Just saw this posted. Now obviously its in the US, US stock, usual issues w/ warranty, â¦. but for this price might be worth trying to figure out a cheap way of getting them shipped to Australia (or figuring out how to do a Group Buy).

I've just looked at getting 5 of them shipped and ground shipping in the US is another $65 plus a freight forwarder fees. Price USA though looks like cheapest would be $254 on top!!

So buying 5 via Price USA would bring the cost to about $180 AUD each (still a hefty saving vs the cheapest local prices).

Details needed for shipping calculations :

Weight : 13.2 lbs (6 kg)
Dimensions : 21.07x25.90x26.67 cm (not sue if that is in the box or the server itself)

Anyone seen a cheaper freight forwarder for bulkier items that would cost less than $250 for 5!


  • Pookie
    I considered getting one of these recently instead of a NAS and I am still doing indecision on that. Having said that, this is a cheap unit considering the cheapest I have also found is $222 plus delivery. The PSU looks like it handles Aus voltage so that's not an issue. My only thought...is it worth paying the extra $70 for warranty, shorter shipping times, and possible damage between the US and here? For $180 probably yes. Where would you ship them to in Aus?
  • ethanol
    Based on discussions on the US site slickdeals.net this is most likely a pricing error. iTech are offering a good deal on this today though - $219 + shipping
  • admin EDITOR
    I dont think there's any way to avoid to stupid pricing on shipping ....

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