HP iPaq rx5965 @ Organiser World $579 after cashback

26 September 2007

This is a very good price from Organiser World. You pay $617 and then claim the cashback from HP. The nearest other I can find is $579 and then $599 up. You can get the same unit from IT Sky $10 cheaper however their shipping to WA is $25 while OW is $15 so the two work out to the exact same price. Depending on where you live it might be worth playing the two off against each other. I've listed this from OW just because I'm more familiar with them than IT Sky.

Now the ONLY thing you might need to be a little wary of here is this - "Claims will not be accepted on back order products." from the HP site.

The unit on OW is listed as on backorder and 'overdue'. Its not too much of an issue I would have thought as the promotion doesnt close until 31/10/2007 so you've got a while. So maybe worth keeping an eye on or taking a punt if your looking for one of these and dont mind waiting a little while.

The blurb from OW.
Buy the HP iPAQ rx5765 or rx5965 Travel Companion and claim $100 Cash Back*. Valid on purchases from 1 August 2007 to 31 October 2007. Final claims MUST be received by 5pm EST 14/11/2007 to be eligible for your Cash Back*. Both models include TomTom Navigator 6.0 for easy navigation plus the HP iPAQ rx5965 comes with an extra 2GB RAM and is WiFi enabled for connectivity wherever you travel.

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