HP iPAQ rw6828 Multimedia Messenger @ Organiser King $745

3 January 2007

HP have had this rebate running since Nov (old rebate technology compared to what we give you but anyway). It means you can now pick up one of these through Organiser King to $745 which is a very good price.

Rebate terms are that you must buy the unit from an authorised AU merchant before 31/01/07 and you must submit the rebate form before 27/02/07.

Just watch out as some of the merchants I've seen have advertised the price including the rebate - pretty sneaky - they sell you a $100 bill and then file the rebate themselves so that their price seems to be cheap. Dodgy. I couldnt find any of the merchants that offer additional cashback through here with a decent price - they were all about $100 more expensive unfortunately - otherwise we could have got a super bargain.

I'll have a look around to see what else is on cashback from HP.

I wont post the full specs here - too long - if you want them go read....

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