HP Compaq nx6320 T2400 @ Organiser World $1429

19 February 2007

How much have prices dropped on this machine since release. $700 or so by this price at Organiser World. I can still only find it in the range of 1699 upwards - except when you do a price comparison search and it turns up Penta computers as having it out at 1305. I hate it when sites like Penta advertise stuff without GST - when you go to this site surprise surprise the actual price is 1685 or so - scammers - dont bother with them.

You wont find a lot of core duo's in this price range and this is an excellent price on it. It wont run Vista with its current config but comes with XP pro. If you really desperately want vista then just upgrade the RAM - should cost around $150 for another 512k chip. Personally - who cares whether its running vista - so long as the machine does what you need it to do.

No cashback with OW.

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