HP Color LaserJet 3000 + 2 yr warranty + cartridge @ Harris Tech $489 - SAVE $400

2 November 2007

Now this is an excellent bargain.

The machine retails for just under $1000 but HP have a promo on at the moment under which you get a freebie cartridge (around about $140) + a 2 year extended warranty.

So I reckon its good value.

The blurb at Harris says the promo ends 30th Oct but if you go to http://hp.com.au/bonusbonanza the actual date is 29th feb.


  • nod
    Hot vote from me The next cheapest I can find is $885!
  • Emma EDITOR
    Good spot. Looks quite bulky in the picy, but I find that it's quite hard to judge from looking at the piccies of these laser printers.
  • nod
    I would have to say it does doesn't it

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