HDTV Tunner Card for PC for $41.00 devlivered - Today only

4 December 2008

Watch and Record DVB-T digital TV
on your Notebook or PC

Forget investing in a pricey media center PC or a TiVo to record your favorite television shows. You can enhance your existing PC or notebook with this USB TV tuner, letting you watch live TV and record shows to your hard drive.

Dealer is for 1 day only and is about half the price i've seen similar USB cards advertised at Aldi for so seems likes like a great deal

Selling for $33.95 plus postage of $6.95


  • geo78
    the one in aldi advertised for $79 is dual tuner, i.e. you can: - watch 2 channels at the same time, - record one, while watching another one - record 2 channels at the same time i won't say they are similar. also, you have to keep in mind that with the introduction of FREEVIEW is 2009, you might not be able to get the EPG with this device or any other device that is not FREEVIEW certified: http://www.dtvforum.info/index.php?showtopic=73117
  • admin EDITOR
    Interesting contrast between the price of this and the Elgato unit that was listed the other day.
  • Brad
    You can still pick these up over at ]Deal Extreme for around $33 delivered :)
  • fishmonkey
    another way of looking at it is: unless you have a really cheap computer system, by adding a tuner you are actually turning it into a very very expensive TV & PVR (personal video recorder)...

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