HD digital set top box - $39.95 including shipping (using $10 off discount code)

10 August 2010

this highlander HD set top box is priced at $39.95 @ deals direct, plus $9.95 for shipping.

if you use the attached voucher code you can save $10 off.

i havent seen a set top box for under $70

Highlander HD Set Top box Promotion begins at 10:15AM Tue 10/08/2010 AEST ending at 11:59PM Tue 10/08/2010 AEST. Only while stocks last.

* The $10 gift coupon is only available to new customers on their first transaction. Promotion starts 12.01am AEST Monday 2nd August 2010.
Promotion ends 11.59pm AEST Tuesday 15th August 2010.

Don't use the 1st Paypal checkout button on the item's DealsDirect page. Just go through the normal "Checkout Now" button. You then get the opportunity to enter a coupon code (the code is "PAYPALDEALS") and then select Paypal as your payment method. Do not enter any codes on the Paypal site itself, it's all done from the DealsDirect site.

Highlander brand HD Digital Set top box Model DH-2826 from DealsDirect.

It's easy to use and flicking through the channels and menus is fast. The remote has a good range. Works with a basic CRT TV (using the red, white and yellow composite cables ) and it picked up all channels perfectly including the new ABC 24 hours News Channel, 7HD, 9HD, and OneHD.

# The unit has a USB connector where you can connect either a USB hard disk (Formatted to fat32) or a USB memory stick to play back movies, music and pictures (Xvids, Divx, Mp3, Jpeg files). You can even connect your phone to it and playback Mp3 if you have a usb connector.
# Highlander High Definition DVB-T Set Top Box.
# Fully comply with DVB-T and H.264, AVC, MPEG4,MPEG2 Standard.
# SPDIF Coaxial Output.
# Support USB Recording Function & Time Shift. (not sure if recording works from reading the forums)
# Support EPG, Display Present/ Next TV Program.
# Support 7MHz & 8Mhz Software Setting.
# Support OSD Teletext, OSD Subtitle, LCN.
# HDMI output: 1080i/720P/576P.
# HDMI 1.3,USB,SPDIF Coaxial Output,CVBS, YPbPr, L/R Audio.
# Support USB SW Upgrade/Media Playback.
# Support Multi-language & Parental Control.
# Auto/Manual Scan up to 1000 channels.

http://www.lbau.com.au/ - Highlander web site (is under upgrade at the moment though)
- stevehl


  • vipulrm
    This is a really awesome deal. I have the same model and I paid $20 more for this at a closing down sale. Though not fancy, it is very good at what it does. Ability to play off a USB device is definitely a plus. The only thing that I have found annoying about this is that, it turns off Captions on switching channels and it takes 3 button presses to turn them back on. Otherwise, its a neat unit.
  • Wormetti
    I bought one and now wish I bought several while it was that price.
  • vipulrm
    Wormetti, why would you want several? Just wondering...

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