HarveyNorman: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 for $14 [after cashback etc]

17 January 2012

Please be aware - not trying to be misleading with the Title, but there's not enough room to put "HarveyNorman: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 for $128 initial outlay, less $64 after claiming education tax refund, then total effective cost is eventually $14 assuming you also use the $50 Rebel Sport gift you get with the original purchase".

1. Buy a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 for $128
2. Get a $50 voucher for Rebel Sport gift card
3. Claim the $128 through the education tax refund (http://www.educationtaxrefund.gov.au/)

So. Original cost $128. Less $50 gift card. Less 50% of $128 = $64. Total cost = $128-$50-$64 = $14.

I assume it's the one pc/one user version (rather than 3 pcs/1 household) but at $128 it's not bad. For $14 it's a bargain.

OK I admit you have to jump through some hoops to get the refund, plus the assumption is that you don't already have enough to claim on that PLUS that you want to get something from Rebel Sport, but even so....


  • ninkasi
    FYI I understand that Office 2012 is expected to be released mid this year.
  • ninkasi
    Note - the Rebel gift card deal is open to purchases from a number of retailers. More info [URL="www.microsoft.com.au/rebel"]here[/URL]. So..... can get the deal at ]DSE for the same price, but also get a "BONUS 8-Way Surge Board valued at $89" thrown in for free.... and that's the three user pack as well....

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