HarveyNorman - Canon PowerShot A480 10MP Digital Camera - Blue or Silver $78

20 February 2010

Nice price for a Canon which is still a capable camera even though its now an older model.

I would advise a call to the store before travelling.

This Canon digital camera features 10 megapixels, 3.3x optical zoom, a 2.5" LCD screen, PictBridge and face and motion detection.

* Digital Zoom: 4x
* Megapixels: 10
* Optical Zoom: 3.3x


  • frogduck
    Thats a nice price, I've always liked Canon point and shoots. Was considering getting this last time, but then decided to save up for a waterproof cam which i haven't gotten yet :)
  • spodosaurus
    These are nice little cameras. Not small enough to comfortable slide in your pocket like the more expensive Canon slim cameras, but very easy to pop in a small bag. Performance is good for a basic point and shoot, and they've been around for years (bought this model two years ago for about $100 more).
  • mkstalen
    On the web page linked it's shown at $149. Maybe this offer has expired, or it's only $78 in store?
  • nod
    On the web page linked it's shown at $149. Maybe this offer has expired, or it's only $78 in store?
    Comes up as $78 for me when I click on the link. Not sure why you are getting a different price :eek:
  • NoosieB
    Showing $78 for me also. They probably did change it but then put it back to the $78. Either that or there are little gremlins in the system. Not a bad price for a second camera to keep in your bag. Probably sounds extravagent, but the amount of times I've said "I wish I bought my camera". . . . guess this is the solution.
  • sandgroper
    Some of the colours are $149 but Blue and silver were $78 when I posted.
  • golfwidow
    When I click on link for more details it shows $149 for all the colours available but when I use this link it shows the price as $78 :eek: ]Canon Powershot A480
  • NoosieB
    Thanks for the link Golfwidow. :)

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