Harvey Norman Up to 50% off laptop desktop and monitors

22 October 2010

Hey guys went to Harvey today and picked up an awesome spec laptop for $1049.00 (retail price at Harvey's of $2099). Threw in 3 yr warranty for $90.00.

I can't for the life of me find a comparable product within $200.00 of that price. The link to this deal is for the laptop I got, but there's heaps around on sale t the moment. The store I went to was in Townsville.

Also a few 19 inch monitors going out t around $85.00 and some 22 inches at under $200

Sale ends on the weekend (Sunday I think)

Plenty more laptops at 30 - 50% off. There were some I5 processors (4GB RAM, 1GB graphics etc) going for around the $700 - $800 mark. MD Quad cores for under $600 (after cashback)

REMEMBER THIS OFFER IS OFFLINE ONLY - You will need to go to your local store.


  • blondieo
    Looks like a good deal cnitso, going to pop into local, cheers. left you come rep :)
  • DrKazanovaKK
    Most of the time these sales are just to flog off old models, but since most people don't really care about what the next better model that is coming out, then these sales are bloody great!

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