Harvey Norman - Toshiba 1GB USB Key $5 6am - 8am Tomorrow Only

25 April 2008

Harvey Norman is having a Super Saturday tomorrow with special offers on a number of products including a 1GB Toshiba USB Memory Stick for $5.
Limit 5 per customer.
From 6am - 8am only.


  • lisss
    A gd price but since I stocked up on the 1gb Olin drives from Crazy Stu's for $4 a piece and didnt even have to leave my home to do it, this HN deal wont be pulling me in ;)
  • craftykiwi
    No problems - I like the idea of not having to go in person too. Not sure on quality of Olin as I haven't heard of them before, so am always a bit dubious about buying these sort of things if not a reputable brand. Have heard horror stories of less well-known brands losing data down the track so good idea to save valuable things on more than one device just in case. Toshiba do appear to have a good name for anyone else who does need to stock up.
  • lisss
    I would never trust any brand of usb, they're too easy to loose anyway and could get damaged / broken.... I use the usb as a backup or transfer tool and always have the doco on my desktop or laptop as well :)

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