Harvey Norman - iOmega 1TB External Hard Drive $99

15 December 2009

Over the Christmas holidays I was considering loading up all my movies onto a TB and taking it away with me and being a real couch potato. And given the cheapest for an iOmega TB is $129, I thought this was quite a good price.

At Harvey Norman, you can get this 1TB iOmega Desktop Hard Drive (IOM2908) for just $99. Perfect for storing your movies, music, pictures and other files.

Unfortunately I'm not sure how long this will be available.


  • fishmonkey
    whacko HN site says $199 at the moment... also, only 1 year warranty...
  • ntowill
    Good luck finding one - I went to my local Hardly Normal and they didn't have any. They had a Western Digital one for $127 though which wasn't a bad price either.
  • NoosieB
    Well, how interesting. Harvey Norman has added another $100. to the price. My guess is they were inundated. Either that, or they realised they had made an error. When I put this up it was definitely $99. Cheeky HN.

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