Harris tecnology - Buffalo WCA-G $19

24 September 2009

Not a bad price. Hooks up your game consoles to the internet (DS, Wii, PSP, PS3).

Reportedly works well with little stuffing around setting it up.

**Price updated from $24 to $19 (5/10) - Golfwidow


  • port
    That price seems like it's missing a digit. :) These units were a lot more expensive when I last looked about a year ago - presumably before 802.11g became passé.
  • admin EDITOR
    yea its pretty cheap.
  • MarkYore
    Now down to $19... but only one physical store left to pick up from, so most people will have to pay delivery from the online store. Still, a good stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  • golfwidow
    Thanks for the update and WELCOME to Buckscoop MarkYore :)

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