Harris Technology 2 dale Sale - New item Every Two Days - ONLINE ONLY

29 October 2008

Every two days, it appears to be only weekdays as well...

the lastest is:

Western Digital
My Book Essential Edition
750 GB - External Hard Disk
October 29 to October 30


  • nod
    so they only have one item every two days? A very popular model these days :D Thanks Fairy
  • fairybelle
    yeah apprently... I will check tomorrow to see what the deal is
  • queenshrew
    Next 2 day sale is 5-6th Nov.. zzzz That's ages away :(
  • geo78
    For the current sale, only the following Business Centres have stock: North Sydney Business Centre (NSW) -12 units in stock Cannington Business Centre (WA) - 23 units in stock Indooroopilly Business Centre (QLD) - 17 units in stock Osborne Park Business Centre (WA) - 29 units in stock however, i think picking up the 1 TB WD My Book Essential Edition (newer version) from Officeworks for $166 (]after price match) is a better deal.
  • fairybelle
    Hmmm...does that mean you have to pick up? What the....
  • lilpretzel
    Sure does fairybelle ;)
  • bigal
    I'm pretty sure you can still order them for them to ship it... I thought the stock in those stores means you can go in to those stores to pick up if you wished.
  • lilpretzel
    This item states - Delivery: Not available for delivery. :)
  • bigal
    true, I didnt see that... that said, I know when I ordered the Microsoft Entertainment 8000 keyboards that was on sale, they hapiliy shipped a keyboard to me from out of state ... if you really want it, I'd ring them and ask.
  • fairybelle
    well thats not the best then... i thought by ordering online it would be able to be shipped....
  • lilpretzel
    Promotion Has Expired! The promotion you are trying to view has now expired. Going by queenshrew next special starts 5-6th November.
  • nod
    fingers crossed for a decent deal :D

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