Handy USB SATA DISK DOCK $79.20 delivered nationwide from Auspcmarket.

12 March 2008

A handy bit of kit for those of us who have spare 2.5" and 3.5" SATA hard drives and need to quickly mount them to either a pc or laptop for data transfer.

Docking station lets you quickly connect/disconnect bare SATA drives from your PC
Dock connects to PC via USB2.0 cable, powered by 240v plugpack, both included
No need to muck around with fiddly connectors, or power PC on/off
Both 3.5 in and 2.5in SATA drives (not included) can be fitted into dock, one-at-a-time
Drives eject easily by simply pressing button on front of unit

Note: ARC Computers have it listed @ $51.40 plus del but no stock


  • sandgroper
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    Cheap way to backup at home.

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