Great MacUpdate Mac software bundle US$521 for US$50

28 May 2009

MacUpdate have another bundle deal and this one has some very good stuff in it.

TechTool Pro 5
Parallels Desktop 4
Netbarrier X5
& 10 other lesser known apps

ends approximately 11th June


  • admin EDITOR
    thanks wftamar - is netbarrier any good - does anyone know ?
  • wfdTamar
    I've tried it and it seems ok (how do you tell though?). The big problem with all Intego products is the renewal cost. I'll just use it for the year then chuck it. I already have Little Snitch from a prior bundle deal which is more useful I reckon. Firewall is not such a big deal on a Mac as on Windows. With a router/modem hardware firewall and the Macs own firewall (if you turn it on) you should be well protected. I would't buy this bundle only for the NetBarrier.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - I had no idea they'd built one in. Will check it out.
  • wfdTamar
    It's in the Sharing or Security control panels (depends on which OS you have).
  • fishmonkey
    the really top notch app in that bundle is Parallels... as mentioned by wfdTamar, Intego run their stuff on a subscription basis, which sucks... once upon a time, TechTool Pro used to be a top notch app, but has dissolved into buggy bloatware... Disk Warrior does volume recovery better, and most of the other TechTool functions aren't really necessary for most people... it's one of those apps they just keep redesigning to make money, and they charge for point updates too... since its incredibly slow defragger crashed on me a couple of times i won't touch it on principle!
  • admin EDITOR
    Parallels was the other one I sort of need. Resisting tainting the mac with Windows while I've got a spare windows laptop lying around.

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