GIZMOMART - Kingston 1GB Data Traveler $2.95

30 April 2008

Special offer, 1 per customer, until stock's last.


  • golfwidow
    Fix shipping charge for weight less than or equal 0.5 KG $9.95 :(
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - ouch. Increasingly common story that one. I blame ebay for setting the standard.
  • nod
    The old $9.95 delivery fee hey? How oh how can they justify that? I know I sound like a broken record but really can anyone actually tell me that it costs them $9.95 to get someone to put the USB in a bag and send it? :confused:
  • leny
    Send in your own 50c envelope and see how they like it.
  • nod
    Now there is an idea :D Send your payment with a pre paid self addressed envelope :D
  • lisss
    Very sneaky of them - wouldnt have been bad if you could buy unlimited usbs but its limited to one.... In hindsight, I vote cold
  • Keeys
    Send in your own 50c envelope and see how they like it.
    I've done that on ebay when people are plaing on over charging for postage hehe I've sent a pre addressed prepaid satchel and cash with a thank you note never had an issue. Has somtimes saved me $10 :w00t:
  • bigal
    cold from me. excessive shipping :(

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