Getmac free delivery with Paypal

25 January 2008

Between now and 29 Feb 08, use Paypal for any Apple purchase at Getmac to receive free delivery Australia-wide. Simply pay for your order with PayPal and use the Getmac Promotional Code: "paypal".


  • nod
    These guys certainly have much better prices than Apple :D
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - thats not hard given the markup apple put on their store items.
  • Wally
    I thought Apple made all their Resellers sign agreements that they would not sell Apple hardware items at below 10% off RRP at risk of penalties and forfeture of their licence?
  • admin EDITOR
    not sure about that wally - but I do know that every time I look you seem to be able to get the same equipment cheaper by 30% or so from the resellers, than directly off the Apple site.

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