Get up to 10% credit back on any order till 24th June from Mwave

19 June 2007

So for every order you place you get 10% in mwave credit once the order has been shipped out. Spend $1000 and get $100 in credit.

See site for full deatails


  • sandgroper
  • admin EDITOR
    now - it'd be nice if they would convert that number to cashback. In any case, it works out to a reasonable discount - although being mwave dollars it'll mean you'll end up back at their doorstep - smart marketing.
  • sandgroper
    Well its something for nothing so worth considering and as well as the 1% cashback on the first sale I wonder if say when you had $100 in mwave $ to spend and you bought something costing $200 would you get 1% cashback on the whole amount

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