GE SmartHome Doorstop Alarm 2 pack special $16.95 + $6.95 shipping @ Zazz today only

3 July 2009

I think this is quite a good idea, if you travel a lot and stay in hotels its quite a step up from wedging a chair against the door.

deceptively simple, but has a lot of advantages - there's no need to drill holes in anything to install it. It's super-light and easy to pack, so it can go anywhere. And beyond making a noise, it also blocks entry like any other doorstop. So even hearing-impaired intruders are still thwarted!


  • sandgroper
  • fishmonkey
    here are my favourite reviews from Amazon: "This product will not disappoint you. 120 decibels is no joke. Fire/Police sirens are approx. 120 decibels. Gunshot approx. 140. Most sound charts start the pain threshold at 125. Excellent product and a cheap/simple security measure. Understand this is just an added level of security (like a tall fence, door lock), not an all-encompassing security solution. I'm not worried about amateur/undetermined intruders now. However, now I'm worried about waking the dead... that might be problematic. They're always so angry." "Looks good with an accessorized alarm that is truly pointless. Good quality product but if someone is trying to breakdown your door than the door stop itself will do far more good for you, seconds to call 911 or load your gun/rifle than would the alarm sounding. Hearing a door come crashing in is sufficient to alarm you!! What we call in Texas, Kick robberies." "Even though I keep a gun next to my bed, it really bothered me that if someone managed to get into my house, I probably wouldn't wake up in time to get to it. (I'm a VERY deep sleeper and my bedroom's on the 2nd floor). I'm so glad I decided to order this!"
  • fishmonkey
    you'll need one of these too:
  • voteoften
    The back up actually seems a good idea. I am orig from the US.

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