Fujitsu USB Hard Disk Drive - Dynadisq - 80GB @ $169.95

27 December 2006

This is an excellent price on this external drive. Only 5200 spin but at 2.5" they are floppy size so nice and convenient if your having to cart them around. Fujitsu equipment is generally pretty reliable. Only shame is that its just 80Gb but big enough for a lot of stuff.

Dont forget to take 3% off the price when you look at it as well - its the cashback that OO give you from here.


* Fast USB 2.0 connectivity
* High speed serial bus protocol
* Max transfer speed 480MB / sec
* Support Ultra ATA / 100 and up to 160GB HDD
* Extremely compact external casing
* Mini pocket size
* Light and durable enclosure
* Provides excellent heat dissipation

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    20/01/2007 - currently sold out - shame - very good price - which is probably why they're sold out.....

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