FUJI FinePix Z3 Camera SILVER 5.1MP, 3x optical zoom, just $152.80 delivered

17 September 2007

I'm not a user of this model but its looking like a real bargain with most stores asking over $360 for it.

DSE themselves have it listed for the bargain price of $191 but if you buy via this link it appears you can have it at a "pack price" of $152 delivered.
I assumed you had to buy something else but have taken it to checkout and it still appears to let you buy just this camera so a good saving over the already very cheap pricing and free delivery too.

Anti blur, 3x optical zoom, 5.1 Megapixels, 2.5" LCD screen, ISO 1600, 16 selectable shooting modes. Click through for full spec.


  • Emma EDITOR
    Very nice Sandy!! My first digital camera was a 2mp finepix... and I miss it so much. It took the sharpest piccies ever, and I have a load of tangible memories from my last days at uni :D
  • dennisy
    Great find, Sandgroper :rolleyes: Especially good, especially with the free shipping promotion at DSE :D
  • nod
    A very nice find indeed Hot vote from me :)
  • natimuk
    Amazing deal you found there, Sandy. :) My buddy at work might want to order one tomorrow.
  • admin EDITOR
    Sandy - when I go in on the link I get the home page. When I search for Fuji I just get a message saying - This product is currently not available to view online. For more information you can call us on 1300 366 644 (Mon - Fri from 9-5pm EST) or use our online store locator to find and contact your nearest store.
  • sandgroper
    Yep they pulled it, the code was XG3210web but you cant find it any more. I think it was the trade price for bulk sales. Still the $191 is still a very good price for this, just not as good as it could have been. I wonder, did anyone manage to grab one before they removed the page?
  • dennisy
    Hi Sandy, Yup - I managed to order a Z3 yesterday nite at the "pack price" ... And this evening, I received an email from DSE stating that my order status is "Processing". Fingers-crossed that it actually gets provisioned and sent :rolleyes:
  • Emma EDITOR
    Good luck dennisy! Hope you get it - fingers crossed. http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/4647/284845mruqwd5b7f9gq8.jpg
  • sandgroper
    hey dennisy, glad someone managed to order in time, I have everything crossed here for you too..bargain!
  • ScarletRubies
    am I going to be considered a moron if I admit to seeing how likely it was that I could cross my fingers like that? (the answer is not very likely).
  • Emma EDITOR
    Well, I can ruby, but I don't want to take a pic or you'll see my hairy fingers :p
  • admin EDITOR
    am I going to be considered a moron if I admit to seeing how likely it was that I could cross my fingers like that?
    Less moron - more overgrown juvenile. Its the sort of thing I'd do :) Excellent you got in there Dennisy

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