Fuji Finepix F20 Digital Camera, 6.3MP, 3x optical zoom now $198 + delivery

25 August 2007

Anti blur, 3x optical zoom, 6.3 Megapixels, 2.5" LCD screen, Li-Ion battery, 300 shoots per charge

Click through for full spec.

This is on special offer and is around $50 cheaper than at the other stores I checked.

Delivery to WA is $12.10


  • Emma EDITOR
    http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/1944/fujifilmfinepixf20digitia7.jpg Nice camera :) i voted hot, but it appears to only have increased by 1 degree :(
  • narut
    My voting power went down to 1 as well...
  • sandgroper
    1 for me too, we are not blessed :w00t:
  • Brad
    1 here too. :p
  • admin EDITOR
    hmmm - ta you lot - I tweaked a couple of the things on how reputation is built and how the constituent bits that make up your vote work. None of you should be registering only 1 degree. Will go check it out.
  • hbtoh
    I have the Fuji F30 which is very similar to this and well rated by most photo sites. The F20 is slightly smaller, and does not has as many manual overrides. I believe it is also a very good camera. Takes great pictures in low light. Only real negative is that it uses XD memory cards, which I hate. HB.
  • admin EDITOR
    the capabilities in low light is the litmus test really isnt it.
  • scatman00
    Hehe, you guys have the post count, but i have the power to make it hot :p
  • Brad
    Hehe, you guys have the post count, but i have the power to make it hot :p
    I think you just made up for our votes that flopped. :D
  • ozpete
    and I just added another 7 degrees
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - your gloating... think mine is just on 3
  • nod
    Don't worry guys.... it completely shattered my voting rep too.... which was rather disappointing to begin with.... I tried to get it rigged but I still got 1 degree.... :(
  • nod
    Nice find there too. :flowers: for the feedback hbtoh what did you pay for yours?
  • enthusiast
    I bought one of these on Thursday :-) I needed a compact camera to carry around, and save getting out the dSLR all the time. Great price for a compact camera with rechargeable battery and excellent low-light performance. Get them while they last - this model has been discontinued, and once stock is gone, that's it. (The pricing is cheaper because there are some very cool new Fuji models coming out soon - all of which take SD cards as well as xD)
  • nod
    So have you received it yet Enthusiast? The piccies good?
  • enthusiast
    I actually bought the camera in store... saved on shipping (I was in the area). I haven't downloaded any photos yet, but they appear to be good quality :-) I've used a relative's F30 in the past, and photos and videos were great from that... the F20 should be no different!
  • nod
    Cool let us know when you do download them
  • natimuk
    Pretty fast shipping from DSE! I ordered one on Tuesday night. It arrived today about midday. $210.50 shipped. First impressions: VERY clean images - pretty much noiseless pictures at ISO 400. As far as I'm concerned, at ISO 800 (1600 even), pictures are completely acceptable with only the slightest amount of digital artifacts (heaps better than my other point & shoot, a Sony T-50 which is sooooo noisy - hence my need to purchase an F20!)
  • nod
    For the $200 it sounds like you got a real bargain there Natimuk. Good one DSE for good service too :)
  • admin EDITOR
    I expired this deal last week as I went to check that it was still valid and couldnt find the F20. But its still there and this is still the cheapest price around for this camera. Ta natimuk for ]making me check up on myself :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I see they've now restricted this to be in store only - not available online. To find the camera just pop finepix f20 into the search box. Locations where this is available are listed at the bottom of the page.
  • nod
    This camera appears to still be available ]Fuji F20
  • lilpretzel
    NT:- Casuarina DSE NSW/ACT:- Batemans Bay DSE, Bondi Junction DSE, Campbelltown DSE, Glendale DSE, Gungahlin DSE, Miranda DSE, Nowra DSE, Orange DSE, Penrith Westfield DSE, Winston Hills DSE, Wollongong DSE, York Street DSE VIC:- Bairnsdale DSE, Ballarat DSE, Bourke Street DSE, Highpoint DSE, Mornington DSE, Parkdale Plaza DSE, Sale DSE, Sunbury DSE, Watergardens DSE QLD:- Cairns DSE, Gladstone DSE, Hervey Bay DSE, Kawana DSE, Maroochydore DSE, Maryborough DSE, Rockhampton DSE, Wynnum DSE SA:- Glenelg DSE, Hollywood Plaza DSE, Modbury DSE, Whyalla Norrie DSE WA:- Booragoon, Garden City-WA DSE, Midland Gate DSE. Stores in italics have 2 or less in stock as at 4:00am 21-Nov-2007. Please phone the store you intend to visit to ensure they still have stock. We will not ship or transfer this product to another Store.

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