Freecom 1Tb External USB Hard disk $299 at Aldi

26 May 2008

This is a Freecom USB external hard disk 1Tb capacity (contains 2 x SATA 500Gb drives configured/binded as a single drive) - unfortunately I didnt write down the model number.

I found that Freecom is a European manufacturer of mobile storage hardware has been around many years, with major market share in Europe and Asia, and making its presence known slowly in Australia. All Freecom drives are designed in Germany, manufactured in China, and only use Hitachi, Samsung and Fujitsu drives. The model been sold by ALDI is part of Freecom's latest 3.5" SATA, USB-2 with NTI Shadow Backup software, with an aluminium case, temperature controlled dual ball cooling fan, low noise, and Win/Mac compatibility.

Compared to name brand Seagate and Western Digital external USB drives the Aldi/Freecom external 1Tb hard disk has a competitive price. I saw this in the Toowoomba (Qld) Aldi store - check with your local Aldi store.

More information, support, drivers and documentation etc at - click on Australia.

$299 is their normal price. I'm not sure if it is a standard stock item.


  • gstok
    Given that the Western Digital is now $249 at Officeworks, the only thing going for this it is much sturdier. But, because of that, it's also much, much heavier. The Freecom is a one-off special and not a standard stock item.
  • admin EDITOR
    I cant see this in the catalogue stevehl. Was it a one day special ? I've got a freecom toughdrive which I swear by so far. Made for bouncing around in backpacks and getting abuse. So far holding up well. Freecom do price at about 33% above the low end of the market - but as far as I know they sell based on quality.

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