Freebie app for utilising iPhone or iPod Touch as an external hard drive

21 September 2008

This is not a bad little application. Have listed it as a deal as its normally $6.99 but its being given away at the moment.

Allows you to mount your iPod Touch or iPhone as a wireless drive and drag and drop. I'll list the link to the itunes app below. Link on this deal takes you to the Avatron site.

Offer ends on the 22nd.


  • admin EDITOR
    Download it from ]here.
  • nod
    I thought they would have just had that app as free anyway. Or is this for PC?
  • admin EDITOR
    Its a third party application designed to make the process relatively painless. Works on Mac, PC, Linux.
  • nod
    ah ok :) ta
  • Brad
    wow - didn't know they stopped you from doing that :)

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